3M™ Mag and Aluminum Polish, 39529, 10 oz, 6 per case

118724 MFG #: 051131-39529
$10.91 / EACH
  • Brand: 3M™
  • Color: Pink
  • Container Type: Jar
  • Form: Paste
  • Net Weight: 10, 10 oz
  • Odor/Scent: Slight Ammonia
  • pH Range: 9.4
  • Specific Gravity: 1.09
  • VOC Content: 349, 349 g/L

Specially Formulated for Non-Coated Aluminum and Magnesium
Aluminum or magnesium – “mag” – wheels can make a stunning difference in the overall look of your vehicle. That’s just one reason why our 3M™ Mag and Aluminum Polish is critical for your vehicle cleaning and detailing. This professional formula polish removes oxidation, stains, water spots, brake dust and more from non-coated aluminum and magnesium wheels. You have made an extra investment in your aluminum or mag wheels, and 3M has designed this polish specifically to restore your wheels to their former glory.

This paste formula applies easily with a soft cloth, and contains a very light aluminum oxide abrasive that removes contaminants and brings the metal to a rich shine with just a light scrub. Each container provides enough polish for multiple mag wheel and aluminum wheel polishing applications.

The Science of Vehicle Care from 3M
We developed this specially formulated aluminum and magnesium polish to save you time and restore the luster to your non-coated magnesium or aluminum wheels. With its special chemistries, 3M™ Mag and Aluminum Polish is another great example of how 3M applies science to life – and makes your life easier when keeping your vehicle looking its best.

  • Features
  • Removes difficult stains and dirt common to these metals, including oxidation, brake dust and water spots and other residue
  • Light paste applies easily with a soft cloth
  • Paste formula applies easily with a soft cloth and light scrub
  • Contains plenty of polish for multiple wheel applications
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200