3M™ Maxim™ 078371-62236 Lightweight Protective Glasses, DX™ Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch, Bronze Lens, Half Framed Frame, Black, Polycarbonate Frame, Polycarbonate Lens, ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3

194162 MFG #: 078371-62236
$10.31 / EACH
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Type: Half Framed
  • Lens Coating: DX™ Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch
  • Lens Color: Bronze
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Size: Universal
  • Temple Style: Adjustable
  • UV Protection: 99.9, 99.9%, 99.90%
  • Specifications Met: ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3
  • Type: Lightweight
Lightweight Maxim™ protective eyewear is both stylish and durable, featuring adjustable temples and nose bridge, a cushioned brow guard and a ventilation channel designed to help prevent fogging and vent heat away from the face. 3M™ Maxim™ protective eyewear combines a broader range of view, adjustability and comfort in safety glasses that are enjoyable to wear. Adjustable features include 3-angle position lenses and temple lengths. The option to customize the safety glasses to the individual wearer makes them more pleasant to wear all day. Pantascopic lenses allow a greater range of view to broaden sightlines for the wearer. Additional comfort features include a dual-injected, cushioned brow bar, a soft nose bridge, and lightweight frames. DX™ anti-fog hard-coat on the lenses keeps vision clearer by reducing the chances of fogging, scratching, or chemical damage. The sophisticated, contoured design offers both an attractive appearance along with functional eye protection. The impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% UV rays and UVB up to 380 nm.
  • Features
  • Aspheric lens provides expansive coverage and a virtually unobstructed viewing range
  • Dual injected, cushioned brow bar for comfort and protection
  • 3 position pantascopic lens angle and temple adjustment enhances sightlines
  • DX™ anti-fog hard-coat helps protect lens from fog, scratches and many chemicals
  • ANSI Z87.1-2003, CSA Z94.3-2007