219099 MFG #: 176-RA-20
$670.11 / EACH
  • Brake Type: Dual Pawl
  • Chain Length: 5
  • Chain Material: Hardened Steel
  • Lever Length: 20-1/2
  • Lifting Height: 5
  • Minimum Between Hooks: 12-7/16
  • Pull to Lift Rated Load: 79
  • Reeving: 1
  • Load Capacity: 1
  • Series: RA Series
Coffing® Hoists Ratchet Lever Hoist, Series: RA Series, 1 ton, 5 ft Lifting Height, 12-7/16 in Minimum Between Hooks, 79 lb Pull to Lift, 20-1/2 in Lever Length, 5 ft Chain Length, Hardened Steel Chain, 1 Reeving, Dual Pawl Brake
  • Features
  • Free chaining mechanism allows quick and easy one-handed take-up and positioning of slack chain, will not accidentally free chain when under load
  • Ratchet and pawl design provides easy operation and freedom from maintenance
  • One pawl is always engaged with the ratchet during lifting and lowering operations, so handle will not ratchet when lowering a load if handle is unintentionally released
  • Open body construction permits easy inspection of suspension hook assembly
  • Can be operated from either side and will work in any position with equal efficiency
  • Unit and handle made from high strength ductile aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance and portability
  • Permits easy inspection of suspension hook assembly